Online DocumentationJune 19, 2006

The documentation generated by Doxygen is now also online available: Documentation item at the sidebar

Loki 0.1.5 ReleasedJune 19, 2006

Highlights of the 0.1.5 release:

  • new Strong/Weak smart pointer
  • operator== added to Functor
  • MinGW .dev files for the library
  • XCode build project

see also CHANGES

New Website!March 16, 2006

Thx to Peter and the Open Source community we've got a new website.

Loki 0.1.4 ReleasedMarch 8, 2006

Highlights of the 0.1.4 release:

  • SmartPtr now with a propagating const policy
  • more multi thread support
  • Pimpl code added
  • Register.h added
  • better support of shared libraries

Loki 0.1.3 ReleasedJanuary 9, 2006

Highlights of the 0.1.3 changes include:

  • LockPtr added
  • ScopeGuard added
  • strongly improved Printf/SPrintf
  • tested under 64-bit Linux
  • all known bugs are fixed
  • MS Visual C++ 2005 project files added

Loki 0.1.2 ReleasedNovember 16, 2005

Loki is a C++ library of designs, containing flexible im­plementations of common design patterns and idioms.
Initially started as the code collection of Andrei's famous book "Modern C++ Design", it has now grown beyond the confines of this book. This new release fixes several bugs.
It's now possible to use Loki without the TYPELIST macros. Also it's possible to avoid any memory leak.
A other highlight is the new 'Function' template which implements some of 'function' from TR1. Used with free functions it looks like the TR1 proposal but for member functions it is more convenient.