Loki::OrderedStatic< L, T, P1(*)() > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Loki::OrderedStatic< L, T, P1(*)() >, including all inherited members.

createObject()Loki::OrderedStatic< L, T, P1(*)() > [inline, virtual]
Func typedefLoki::OrderedStatic< L, T, P1(*)() >
operator *()Loki::Private::OrderedStaticBase< T > [inline]
operator->()Loki::Private::OrderedStaticBase< T > [inline]
OrderedStatic(Func p)Loki::OrderedStatic< L, T, P1(*)() > [inline]
OrderedStaticBase(unsigned int longevity)Loki::Private::OrderedStaticBase< T > [inline, protected]
OrderedStaticCreatorFunc()Loki::Private::OrderedStaticCreatorFunc [protected]
SetLongevity(T *ptr)Loki::Private::OrderedStaticBase< T > [inline, protected]
~OrderedStaticBase()Loki::Private::OrderedStaticBase< T > [inline, protected, virtual]
~OrderedStaticCreatorFunc()Loki::Private::OrderedStaticCreatorFunc [protected, virtual]

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