Loki::EvictLRU< DT, ST > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Loki::EvictLRU< DT, ST >, including all inherited members.

evict()Loki::EvictLRU< DT, ST > [inline, protected]
getLowerBound()Loki::EvictionHelper< ST, DT > [inline, protected]
HitMap typedefLoki::EvictionHelper< ST, DT > [protected]
HitMapItr typedefLoki::EvictionHelper< ST, DT > [protected]
m_mHitCountLoki::EvictionHelper< ST, DT > [protected]
name()Loki::EvictLRU< DT, ST > [inline, protected]
onCreate(const DT &key)Loki::EvictLRU< DT, ST > [inline, protected]
onDestroy(const DT &key)Loki::EvictLRU< DT, ST > [inline, protected]
onFetch(const DT &)Loki::EvictLRU< DT, ST > [inline, protected]
onRelease(const DT &key)Loki::EvictLRU< DT, ST > [inline, protected]
~EvictLRU()Loki::EvictLRU< DT, ST > [inline, protected, virtual]

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