Function objects


struct  Function
class  Loki::Functor< R, TList, ThreadingModel >
class  Loki::BinderFirst< OriginalFunctor >
class  Loki::Chainer< Fun1, Fun2 >


template<class Fctor>
Fctor >::BoundFunctorType 
Loki::BindFirst (const Fctor &fun, typename Fctor::Parm1 bound)
template<class Fun1, class Fun2>
Fun2 Loki::Chain (const Fun1 &fun1, const Fun2 &fun2)

Function Documentation

template<class Fctor>
Private::BinderFirstTraits<Fctor>::BoundFunctorType Loki::BindFirst ( const Fctor &  fun,
typename Fctor::Parm1  bound 

Binds the first parameter of a Functor object to a specific value

Definition at line 1612 of file Functor.h.

template<class Fun1, class Fun2>
Fun2 Loki::Chain ( const Fun1 &  fun1,
const Fun2 &  fun2 

Chains two functor calls one after another

Definition at line 1777 of file Functor.h.

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