Loki::TwoRefLinks Class Reference
[StrongPtr Ownership policies]

#include <StrongPtr.h>

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Protected Member Functions

 TwoRefLinks (bool strong)
 TwoRefLinks (const void *p, bool strong)
 TwoRefLinks (const TwoRefLinks &rhs, bool strong)
bool Release (bool strong)
void Swap (TwoRefLinks &rhs)
bool Merge (TwoRefLinks &rhs)
bool HasStrongPointer (void) const
void ZapPointer (void)
void SetPointer (void *p)
void * GetPointer (void) const
void *& GetPointerRef (void) const

Detailed Description

This implementation of StrongPtr's OwnershipPolicy uses a doubly-linked cycle of copointers to a shared object. Some functions are trivial enough to be inline, while others are implemented in elsewhere. It is not thread safe, and is intended for single-threaded environments.

Definition at line 760 of file StrongPtr.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool Loki::TwoRefLinks::Merge ( TwoRefLinks rhs  )  [protected]

Definition at line 455 of file StrongPtr.cpp.

References m_next, and m_prev.

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