Loki::SingleThreaded< Host, MutexPolicy > Class Template Reference

#include <Threads.h>

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Public Types

typedef Host VolatileType
typedef int IntType

Static Public Member Functions

static IntType AtomicAdd (volatile IntType &lval, IntType val)
static IntType AtomicSubtract (volatile IntType &lval, IntType val)
static IntType AtomicMultiply (volatile IntType &lval, IntType val)
static IntType AtomicDivide (volatile IntType &lval, IntType val)
static IntType AtomicIncrement (volatile IntType &lval)
static IntType AtomicDecrement (volatile IntType &lval)
static void AtomicAssign (volatile IntType &lval, IntType val)
static void AtomicAssign (IntType &lval, volatile IntType &val)


struct  Lock

Detailed Description

template<class Host, class MutexPolicy = ::Loki::Mutex>
class Loki::SingleThreaded< Host, MutexPolicy >

Implementation of the ThreadingModel policy used by various classes Implements a single-threaded model; no synchronization

Definition at line 201 of file Threads.h.

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