Loki::ScopeGuardImplBase Class Reference
[Exception-safe code]

#include <ScopeGuard.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ScopeGuardImplBase () throw ()
void Dismiss () const throw ()

Protected Member Functions

 ~ScopeGuardImplBase ()
 ScopeGuardImplBase (const ScopeGuardImplBase &other) throw ()
 Copy-constructor takes over responsibility from other ScopeGuard.

Static Protected Member Functions

template<typename J>
static void SafeExecute (J &j) throw ()

Protected Attributes

bool dismissed_

Detailed Description

Base class used by all ScopeGuard implementations. All commonly used functions are in this class (e.g. - Dismiss and SafeExecute).

See Andrei's and Petru Marginean's CUJ article http://www.cuj.com/documents/s=8000/cujcexp1812alexandr/alexandr.htm

Changes to the original code by Joshua Lehrer: http://www.lehrerfamily.com/scopeguard.html

Definition at line 43 of file ScopeGuard.h.

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