Loki::ObjScopeGuardImpl1< Obj, MemFun, P1 > Class Template Reference
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#include <ScopeGuard.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~ObjScopeGuardImpl1 () throw ()
void Execute ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ObjScopeGuardImpl1<
Obj, MemFun, P1 > 
MakeObjGuard (Obj &obj, MemFun memFun, P1 p1)

Protected Member Functions

 ObjScopeGuardImpl1 (Obj &obj, MemFun memFun, P1 p1)

Protected Attributes

Obj & obj_
MemFun memFun_
const P1 p1_

Detailed Description

template<class Obj, typename MemFun, typename P1>
class Loki::ObjScopeGuardImpl1< Obj, MemFun, P1 >

Implementation class for a class per-instance member function with one parameter. The parameter is copied by value - use Loki::ByRef if you must use a reference instead. ScopeGuard ignores any value returned from the call within the Execute function.

This class has 3 standalone helper functions which create a ScopeGuard. One is MakeObjGuard, which is deprecated but provided for older code. The other two are MakeGuard overloads, one which takes a pointer to an object, and the other which takes a reference.

Definition at line 472 of file ScopeGuard.h.

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