LockableTwoRefCountInfo Class Reference
[StrongPtr Ownership policies]

#include <StrongPtr.h>

Detailed Description

Implementation detail for thread-safe reference counting for strong and weak pointers. It uses TwoRefCountInfo to manage the pointer and counts. All this does is provide a thread safety mechanism. Since it is just a class for managing implementation details, it is not intended to be used directly - which is why it is in a private namespace. Each instance is a shared resource for all copointers, and there should be only one of these for each set of copointers. This class is small, trivial, and inline.

This class is not designed for use with a single-threaded model. Tests using a single-threaded model will not run properly, but tests in a multi-threaded model with either class-level-locking or object-level-locking do run properly.

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